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The make of the furniture in each residential home consists of great detail, color, and design. The majority of the material used for these projects is wood, which gives the home that humble touch of comfort. There are many types of wood from mahogany, cherry, oak, and so many more! Our furniture store specializes in the use of mahogany to make our beautiful Victorian-inspired furniture.

Here at America's Best Furniture, we specialize in mahogany furniture that can create a custom design of the furnishings to be the display of your home decor. Our custom furniture building consists of everything from furniture sets, beds and chairs that will exceed your highest expectations. Pick the form and upholstery of each piece to create a set that truly matches the mood of your home.

Furniture Store

Whether you are looking for matching couches and chairs to complement the colors of your living room design or you would like a vintage designed dining set, you can count on us to bring these pieces to life.

Our parlor and bedroom furniture includes state-of-the-art pieces that can’t be found anywhere else. With expert craftsmanship and a keen eye for detail, you won’t be disappointed. We are proudly serving the residents in Memphis, TN. With a factory of our own, we can keep prices low without sacrificing quality, so come to us for all your home furniture needs!

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